A number of eminent hunters have tested and approved our knives – here is what they have to say…

Dr James Kroll: World renowned deer biologist and deer management expert. Author of numerous books on Whitetail deer management.

“Mike Robinson has invented the perfect deer knife.”

Niall Rowantree: Owner of West Highland Hunting and 5th generation professional deer stalker.

“ This is a well designed, highly functional, durable tool that is completely fit for purpose. It is now the go to knife for me and my team.”

Dr Achim Meyer-Breckwoldt: One of Germanys top Veterinary surgeons and master hunter.

“This is a great hunting knife with a noble design. It works precisely like a scalpel and will become my best hunting companion.”

Duncan Fraser: Cardrona Safaris New Zealand

“I just wanted to touch base after a busy hunting season here in New Zealand. I have put your knife through its paces for the past 5 months, and I can only say fantastic things about it.

Finally a great all purpose knife designed by a professional hunter for hunters.
I will be ordering knives for all our professional hunters here at Cardrona Safaris. Thanks again.”